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Our Product and Service

There is a world of difference between product engineering and one-off development.
Kazemi Technologies specializes in software product engineering that goes beyond application development, and boosts success of our clients in the marketplace.
Kazemi Technologies engineering foundation is built on:

  • Quality engineers and technologist
  • Industry standard tools, methodology and processes
  • Building system and code migration
  • Testing and debugging

Our Product and services include:

  • Engineering service, Including : Electrical, Mechanical, Information Technology, Civil Engineering and Interior design
  • Engineering Customization and integration
  • Equipment and car rental
  • Manpower supplier
  • Engineering and equipment supplier
  • Maintenance and support

Kazemi Technologies understands the Client needs and requirements and their organizational challenges and provides them with services that add value to their organization.

Experienced knowledge workers, customer centrist approach, industry tools, and processes proven technologies form the foundation of our information consulting service framework.


About Kazemi

To build better national industry in Engineering & energy

To provide engineering procurement construction commissioning (EPCC) services in large scale. Deliverable shall be production facility with capacity and performance according to requirement agreed in contract document.

EPC integrated project management system to build production facility with specific requirement for process performance
Engineering system for complexity projects
Supply chain with inter related support and coordinated
Value engineering in order to make most value added to all stakeholders


Sincere, upright, honest, consistency in words and deeds, and willing to sacrifice personal interests, that is consistently applied, as well as firmly applying the values of decency and compliance, responsible and accountable in any circumstances.

Focus on Customer
To have strong commitment to provide services that exceed the expectations of every customer by providing reliable and on time quality services and products, through harmonious relationships to achieve mutual satisfaction.

To always acquire and develop knowledge and skills in accordance with the job functions, and be responsible for the achievement of optimal performance by upholding professional and ethical standards.

Team Work
Awareness and willingness to work together among individuals, work units, clients and partners to sincerely mobilize all capabilities and intelligent in achieving corporate goals.

Passionate to continuously creating and capitalizing opportunities by harnessing information, knowledge and technology in order to provide quality excellence, improve competitiveness, and elevating enterprises value.

Concern for People
To empower and develop human capital as the company’s key asset, by treating them in a transparent, fair, objective and proportional manner, so they can consciously contribute actively, by emphasizing on occupational safety and health as well as elevating enterprises value and taking into account the interests of stakeholders.