Our Product and Service

There is a world of difference between product engineering and one-off development.
Kazemi Technologies specializes in software product engineering that goes beyond application development, and boosts success of our clients in the marketplace.
Kazemi Technologies engineering foundation is built on:

  • Quality engineers and technologist
  • Industry standard tools, methodology and processes
  • Building system and code migration
  • Testing and debugging

Our Product and services include:

  • Engineering service, Including : Electrical, Mechanical, Information Technology, Civil Engineering and Interior design
  • Engineering Customization and integration
  • Equipment and car rental
  • Manpower supplier
  • Engineering and equipment supplier
  • Maintenance and support

Kazemi Technologies understands the Client needs and requirements and their organizational challenges and provides them with services that add value to their organization.

Experienced knowledge workers, customer centrist approach, industry tools, and processes proven technologies form the foundation of our information consulting service framework.

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